Friday, March 26, 2010


by sagmeister

by Paul Rand

What are the 5 misconceptions of Graphic Design?

1. "we make things look pretty"
2. That Graphic Design is Just on the Computer
3. Designers are just artists.
4. That our work is purely Frivolous.
5. It's easy, that anyone can do it.

I was in charge of reactions to 2 & 4.

visual reactions to "Graphic Design is Just in the Computer"

- Hand generated Design
ex. Paul Rand

- Emphasis on texture present at show.
- Emphasis on Craft
ex. Carl Kurts
current students with master craft.

- Showcasing old school design methods (history component)
- Process
ex. Venezky's process

- Hand lettering
- Illustration

visual reactions to Graphic Design is Frivolous

- Social change & social sustainability
Design Ignites Change projects
ex. The Redesign of Prescription bottles for Target (by alumni)
Garrett's Braille playing cards

- Immense impact on society
Obama campaign
vote posters, of current students + Alumni

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spatial Experience



• Theme -----------------------------------All of us; Jessica, Ian, Genia, Ramzy, Veronica & Blake.
• Budget/Pricing ------------------------- Blake


• Postcard --------------------------------------- Ramz
• Poster ------------------------------------------ Ramz
• Banner ----------------------------------------- Ramz

• Wall Graphics -------------------------------- Ramz & Blake

• Catalogue -------------------------------------- Genia

• Promo ------------------------------------------

• 3D Mock Up ----------------------------------- Jessica (ME)
• Way Finding ----------------------------------- Jessica (ME)
• Plan Drawings --------------------------------- Jessica (ME)


• Motion Piece ---------------------------------- Ian

• Web + Online Campaign --------------------- Veronica

• Proposal Presentation ------------------------ Ian & I

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 points

For 125+ Graphic Design Exhibition Proposal Project

What are the 5 points of Graphic Design? (to me?)

1. Functionality: Good design must have proper functionality appropriate for the happening time and place.
2. Originality: An effort to bring something new to the field.

3. Sustainability: Good design should be socially & environmentally sustainable.

4. Harmony: Good Design achieves harmony through balance in visual forms.

5. Humanity: Good intentions for all beings improves the quality of the design.


here's another shot at it...

What are the 5 points of Graphic Design? (to me?)

1. Space: Good design treats positive and negative space equally.

2. Imagery: Good Design has recognizable imagery whether it be through icons, photos or expressive type.

3. Type: Good Design have sophisticated typefaces appropriate to it's function.

4. Process: Good Design evolves through visual dialogue.

5. Value: Good intentions for all beings improves the quality of the design.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 10

These are images of more iterations for the Troost Newspaper

Playing around with designs and coming up with more t-shirt designs

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 9

A collaborative documentary + Troost Festival Campaign material
This poster asks the audience (anyone who resides on Troost, Nearby Troost, Outside of troost, it doesn't matter) to write their name if they're interested in the annual Troost Festival.
Instructions at the bottom tell the viewer that once this circle is full of names overlapping etc. They will be scanned in and used for T-shirt designs making the Troost Fest T-shirts a collaborative effort while also giving a reason to go to the event (to see their shirt).

Also this is supposed to represent their visual identity tagline
"Every Person Matters"

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 8

Fill In Newspaper Revisions

I put in less drawing boxes and more areas to write

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 7

Your Troost News Paper

I decided that as a graphic designer, to create a visual and interactive platform for my audience to document themselves and to collaborate in this new identity process.

This is a fill in news paper with questions asking the user to draw themselves, their neighbor, and to write about themselves. The paper also encourages them to tell any story that is representative of what they would like to see in their local newspaper.

I had a couple of people from Troost Folks fill them out
lessons learned from this experience
People don't like to draw
This has turned into an actual artifact that will be one on my final deliverables (tweaked of course)

When completed, Places this artifact will be distributed would be waiting rooms along Troost.

Barber Shops
Cash Advances
Tattoo Parlors
Church Lobby's
Car Dealerships

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 6

Troost Official Colors
(by troost folks anyway...)

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 5

Troost Folks meeting Notes

The following are snippets from conversations that took place on February 11th in the lobby of St.Mary’s Egyptian Orthodox Church. This community group who refer to themselves as the “Troost Folks”, currently work towards strengthening the Troost community.

Mission & Goals

"Making Troost a village, dialogue center, and a new experimental community.”

"Keeping it a grassroots effort, building this village from the ground up.”

"We are neighbors celebrating


"we want to get rid of the western male attitude, and make the feminine (nurturing) our model"


through these notes I began to organize their ideas into an identity process.
I identified what their visual system's attributes, mission & goals, and what their tagline is.
I showed the group, and they agreed.


• nurturing

• grass roots

• experimental

• empowering

Mission & Goal

Making Troost a

meeting place and

dialogue center.

Tag Line

Every Person Matters.

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 4

I used all the images of signage that I gathered, and began to sample them into small color boxes. I then took those boxes (copy pasted) and organized them onto a grid.
I was able to see through this chart that the most frequent colors are

  1. Warm Reds
  2. Warm yellows
& An accent of Teal

I spoke with Rev. David and Several other members of Troost Folks (some who are also members in the American Indian Society, KFFI, Center for Global Community, and more) and they agreed that these colors are most seen on Troost. Red and Yellow have also been used in past collateral for their events.
Teal is a color used frequently in Osage native american culture who also originate from the Troost corridor.