Friday, February 15, 2008

Fences (spread 10)

Icons: Fences
Index: Criminal Portraits, Prison
Symbol: Gun
"As long as there are those people around..."

Denotation:  Image Profile portrait of man and writing around and on it.
Connotation:  He's a criminal.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Street Signals (spread9)

Icon: Street signs (specifically lighted ones)
Index: Highways and Cars
Symbol: Colors; Red, Yellow and Green

Denotation: This Stop Sign has a green light
Conotation: Telling you it's safe to go.

Radio (spread 8)

Icon: Radio's and speakers
Index: Sattelites 
Symbol: musical notes

Telephones (spread7)

Icon: telephones
Index: Telephone wires and poles
Symbol: Image of two people receiving and sending codes; long distance

Typewriter/ Letter Press (spread6)

Icon: Typewriters, Letter press's
Index:  book pages, typed text, Glasses, and actual pieces from a book spine.
Symbol: Brain Diagram representing knowlage.

Denotation: Brain and Glasses.
Connotation: Learning.
Sign Language - (spread5)

Icons: Hands in specific positons signaling letters and words.
Index: Hearing Aid
Symbol:  Same as the icons, only with interpretatoins which have to be learned.

Denotation: That hand (far right) is shaped like a fist except for the very middle finger.
Connotation: That isn't "one", that's a "fuck you".
Writing Tools - (spread4)
We use these things to write or paint messeges.

Icon: Quill Pen, Pencils, Paintbrushes and eraser.
Index: Handwritten Letters in the background layers.
Symbol: Written Languages; chinese caligraphy, Arabid stone carvings and Ink documents and others.

Dennotation: The Markings look curved and inconsistent.  Thickness of each mark varies.  Looks like handwriting.
Connotation: The Messege is pointed towards the reader implying it is for you, a personal letter.

Speech - (spread 3)
Icon: Mouths
Index: Audience, Martin Luthor King at Podium, Castro at podium
Symbol: Speech Bubble

Mouth image: Denotes openess, teeth, belongs to a human.
Connotes: speech or some kind of soundmaking

Gestures- (spread2)

Icon: Images of People using thier hands to communicate.
Index:  For certain Gestures such as punching (boxer Muhammed Ali punching)  Inicator- Boy with black eye.  Baseball Catcher uses specific gestures to tell the Pitcher what to do, making him an indicator for gestures. 
Symbol:= Icon

Facial Expressions   _spread1
Icon: Faces 
Index: Things that can create emotion _ Flowers, Broken Butterfly, Iguana
Symbol:  Theater, Kabuki Masks

Denotation:  Specific face- Top Right corner of left page or top center of spread- Old sketchy man with mouth wide open and stressed out/freightened eyes.
Connotation: That's actually how he looks when he laughs.

Cover of the Scrapbook

As you all saw in class, this is my scrap book.  The final 10 objects that I chose included;
Facial Expressions  
Hand/full body gestures
Speech (mouths)
Writing Tools -(letters)
Sign Language
Typewriters/Letterpress -(books)
Street lights
Fences -(privacy, protection)

The spreads go in this exact order.  I chose this order because it also tells how our methods developed through time.   It starts with faces because that's the first thing that we see when we look at someone; are they a friend or foe?  A look, or an expression someone gives either welcomes or denies communication.  Then they also connote statements.

Project 1 Process; The making of the Semiotics Scrapbook

OK so there's my desk during the making of the book.  I used cutout images, colored paper and antique book pages, pasted with gloss medium.  
I also used acetone transfering and hand drawings. 

Project 1 Process; Mind Map

Methods of Communication