Saturday, August 30, 2008


1. what are some predominately shared values of this group?

respect, diligence, traditional, Family Oriented-Values Ancestors highly.
This minority has the highest percent of people that take care of their elders at home in the U.S.

2. what political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why?

Many Asian Americans are interested in American FOREIGN POLICY toward the country of their ancestors.
should the U.S. link trade policy to the human rights record of China? Some APA's believe that revoking China's "most favored nation" trading status is counterproductive because doing so would hurt Hong Kong, the most democratic and capitalist area of China.


Decreasing the backlog of applicants for citizenship. Many APA's favor increasing the budget of the Immigration and Naturalization Service or making it more efficient in order to reduce the backlog of applicants for citizenship.

3 Are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with?

Pokemon, Zen Buddhism, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Lucy Liu, Gaijin Fujita, Ziyi Zhang, Jet Li, Yao Ming of the NBA.

4. What does their graphic landscape look like?

tazo tea, Sanrio, Wassaaaabiiiii?,

5. Including the aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?

Too Busy
Disliked all the Issues being argued
Not Interested
Voter Registration Problems
It's also argued that Asian Americans prefer to stick with their roots and prefer not to assimilate too much contributing to their lack of participation in politics.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Deciding a specific ethnic group.

I haven't decided yet but i will!!!! I promise!!!!

I'm going to tell you a little bit about my history, and clarify where I am from, or try to, because i myself have a hard time deciding where I'm from. So making a decision on a specific ethnic group can be a challenge for me personally.
I was Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1989. I started school at age 3. the norm there. I never spoke till I was 5, and when i did start i spoke perfect english, pronounced every syllable, and said "vegetable" and "comfortable" the RIGHT way. No slang or lazy mumbles. I was told that I wasn't Jamaican, by my peers and my family, because of my speech impediment. Being partially chinese isn't rare in Jamaica, there's a lot of chinese there. There's a lot of everything there.

Then when I was 8, my family and I moved to Miami, Florida.
Then I was just considered strange.
They didn't consider me American, or Jamaican, no matter where I was born. They (my family and friends) told me, and still tell me "you talk like a white girl" ---like that's a bad thing?
Where do I consider myself from? Well, I know that it has a lot to do with where you're born, so yes, Jamaica, but I was never able to call Jamaica "home". So am I really from there? I've always been undecided on calling Miami "home".
One of my older sisters has the same dillema but reversed in a way.
She was born in Miami, (long story right there) but raised in Jamaica, and was 13 or 14 when we all moved to the states.
She talks their talk and walks their walk, but is a natural born American.
How she is dealing with it, i'm not sure.
Does your citizenship count? NO, I have a canadian citizenship as well as a U.S. but i've never been to Canada. My father was naturalized there.

So down to what ethnicity I am, I guess i'll just tell you my family's past. It's a long story.

My father and mother were born and raised in Jamaica. ALL of my grandparents were born in Jamaica.
All my grandparents knew how to speak Hakgah or Hakka ( a chinese dialect ) from a middle region in china. According to the documentary I saw on the area, it's a rice farming countryside.
How come my Grandparents knew to speak chinese?
Three of my Grandparents fathers
(my dad's side grandpa's dad, my mom's side grandpa's dad, and my mom's side grandma's mom)
were full chinese.
My grandpa on my dad's side (Rupert) was the illegitimate son of a china man and a mixed Jamaican woman who was partially scottish and black. His father's last name was Liao, but he went to jamaica, they just called him "Ayi" which was his first name.
My grandfather Rupert took on the last name "Ayee" on paper, and so did his brother's and sisters.
It's spelled that way by the British Government that owned Jamaica at the time. But his father told him to change it to "Liao" because that name is important, that name comes from royal origins (Liao Dynasty; in the Nelson Museum too). Ayee isn't a last name from chinese history at all. He was the only one of his siblings that took it into consideration. But instead of changing his last name completely, he added Liao, but the government spelled it "Lyew".
Then my Grandfather Rupert Married my grandmother Louise who's mother was Isreli Jew, and her father, Chinese and Brazilian mix of Native and Portugese. How they ended up in Jamaica? I have no clue. But I know that my grandmother had half brothers in China fighting against the invading Japanese. 2 out of 3 of her brothers died. Then My grandparents Rupert and Louise both had 5 kids, including my father. Anyone who has the last name "Ayee" because of my granduncles and aunts, is related to us. There are around 2,000 accounted relatives on my dad's side, we found out that my great-grandfather (Ayi) was a tramp that also made another family in Guatemala and other places. He made sure to increase the chance of
genetic survival.

My mother's father Lascelese Wong is the illegitimate son of a black woman and Chinese businessman. His half brothers back in China were all full chinese, and then he has two full sisters.
My mother's mother who is also illegitimate is the daughter of a china man with the last name of Chang....(i think it's Chang) and a woman mixed with scottish, plus another european country and black. Apparently according to my grandparents, there were a lot of Scotts in Jamaica in the 1800's.

Sooooo that's why I have freckles that show in the winter.

My theory to how and why they went to Jamaica? I'm thinking Jamaica and the rest of the carribean is like the sex-orgy vacation of douchbag guy dreams.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008




My new Idea

I've Changed my mind, I'm going to do DOMINO'S
I'll eventually have to go out and buy them, but, it's a game i do love.

There's an artistic scene in V for Vendetta, of a domino construction describing the domino affect.

looking for films

OK, so how would Mrs. Doubtfire do for a film about cleaning?
Anyone else got any other suggestions?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Can't find GREAT quality films online about cleaning, or window washing,  but this is what i've found so far.

My Decision for this Semester


and my sub-actions

Window/glass cleaning
Beating Rugs and Mats

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


From Print Magazine August 2008

Background and Political propaganda behind the Beijing olympic logo

I was able to see that the new olympic logo was based off of chinese calligraphy, but i had no idea that it was also propaganda for a partnership with communist china.