Friday, November 21, 2008


What I currently have

Show Opener

Domino Toppling

Content, what it's about:
Domino topplers and toppling, also a bit on the history behind dominoes

To advertise the hobby.

People looking for a new hobby.


OK, so here are other Ideas that were pushed to the side in the beginning that i'm thinking of reconsidering....

(just) The History of Dominoes

The Lives of Domino Topplers

Recreational Mathematics (which would include other games; example: mancala)

All aspects of Dominoes (which is similar to what i have now)

the story board i turned in

chosen idea

opener idea 2 thumbnails

1st storyboard thumbnail idea


Friday, November 14, 2008


What my show will be about

Domino Toppling and the lives of domino topplers. Also a little on the History of Dominoes

Possible Titles

Top the Domino
Top the Dot
Domino Top

dominoes in jamaica


domino land

domino land link

Domino Facts

A link to an article about last years domino champions (world Championships)
retarded website but true story

Domino world Championship held in Montego Bay, Jamaica 1999

Dominoes is considered recreational mathematics.

The game's name origin is uncertain. Domino is a mathematical term related to Trominoes, Tetrominoes, Pentominoes, and Hexonimoes which are names that describe connected identical squares.

2008- Deportes and the World Domino Federation presented the VI World Domino Championship at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fla. Thursday, July 10 - Saturday, July 12. This year's championship broke the Guinness World Record for "Most People Playing Dominoes," with 574 combined players helping surpass the previous record of 300. The three-day event gathered over 600 domino enthusiasts
This year Venezuela won the Domino World Championships.

some sources

south florida domino association (mostly in spanish)

National Domino Federation USA

Below are stats on domino toppling records
my source link

11,111 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA)
Dec 1974

13, 832 dominoes
six students of the University of Washington
6 June 1975,
Seattle, USA

15 000 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA) Winter 1976

22,221 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA)
Spring 1976,
Philadelphia, USA

33,266 dominoes
Michael Cairney and team (Great Britain)
30 March 1977, London, Great Britain

50,000 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA)
21 June 1977,
Philadelphia, USA

55,555 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA)
22 Oct 1977,
Philadelphia, USA

97,500 dominoes
Bob Speca (USA)
9 June 1978,
New York, USA

135,215 dominoes
John Wickham and Erez Klein (USA)
17 April 1979, Wilmette, USA

169,713 dominoes
Michael Cairney (Great Britain)
9 June 1979, Poughkeepsie, USA

255,389 dominoes
Alistair Howden and team
1 July 1979, Auckland, New Zealand

255 389 dominoes
John Wickham and Erez Klein (USA)
24 Aug 1980, Hakone, Japan

281,581 dominoes
Klaus Friedrich (Germany)
2 Jan 1984, Fürth, Germany

755 836 dominoes
Weijers Domino Productions
Theme: The Netherlands
27 Dec 1986, Lisse, Netherlands

1,382,101 dominoes
Weijers Domino Productions
Theme: European Community
2 Jan 1988, Minimundus, Rosmalen, Netherlands

1 605 757 dominoes
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Visionland"
28 Aug 1998, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

2 472 480
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Europe Without Borders"
5 Nov 1999, Zuidlaren, Netherlands

2 751 518
Team from China and Japan
"Challenge Domino 2000"
31 Dec 1999, Beijing, China

2 977 678
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Reaction"
3 Nov 2000, Zuidlaren, Netherlands

3 407 535
Team from China, Japan and South Korea
3 Dec 2000, Beijing, China

3 540 562
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Bridging the World"
16 Nov 2001, Maastricht, Netherlands

3 847 295
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Expressions for Millions"
15 Nov 2002, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

3 992 397 Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Challenge"
12 Nov 2004, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

4 002 136
Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Domino Theatre of Eternal Stories"
18 Nov 2005, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

4 079 381 Weijers Domino Productions
Domino Day "Music in Motion" 17 Nov 2006, Leeuwarden, Netherlands

links to domino game online

Online Dominoes

another Online Domino game

Buku domino online

Monday, November 10, 2008

what I learned

This project is different from all that I've done before, not just because of my introduction to actionscript but that i had to create a different kind of goal. This time instead of knowing the viewer will
A.) see
B.) see and touch (example.books)
C.) see and hear (tv)
they will be seeing, touching, hearing with fractions that I give them along with the power of creating something in return. This (supposedly) creates an intrinsic motivation in my viewer. So i'm messing with their mind a lot. :P
I have dealt with sound before, we all have in semiotic animations. But to add Touch and in a non linear manner also giving the "receiver" the power to respond, we have to make different goals than if the receiver were only to see and touch it.
But I realized i didn't have to emphasize a visual environment, they will be creating that with the different sounds I have, and the mixtures they make and choose to connote to themselves.

When it comes to FLASH itself, yes there was a lot of frustration, also because along the way i learned there are many different ways of doing things and it depends on how you're laying out your actual objects.


there are 3 ways (that I know of so far) of making a rollover.
It is different for a button than movie clip and HTML files.
Also it is different for something transparent.
I think if i could go back I would try using buttons instead of movie clips because that would've worked better.

flash process

flash process

Sunday, November 9, 2008

s&m process

I edited and recorded my sound in Garageband.

non_linear Process2

making them in illustrator, laying them out and editing color.

sound&Motion nonlinear_process

I started my sketches not by hand but through the computer. I figured It would be more efficient for making polka-dots.

more infograph process

Friday, November 7, 2008