Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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It's 2009 and slavery thrives and grows faster as we ignore and discriminate against victims of sex trafficking crimes. Child "prostitutes" are not selling themselves by choice, they're there because of pimps providing for demand. An ignorant community, which influences the opinions of law enforcement, see these young children as juvenile prostitutes. An educated, informed and engaged community would see and understand that they are victims of crimes that aren't to be tolerated. 
My project calls for attention to the issue and calls to change a perspective that discriminates against the ≈450,000 child sex workers who are under oppression by pimps, demand, the public, and lack of government intervention. My plan is to clear the word prostitute out of the mind, which has a "dirty" connotation for these girls and replace it with victim.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visual Advocacy Problem statement

DMST is a Rampant Problem, why isn't anyone talking about it?
Why isn't anyone doing anything about it?
Why are the Pimps and Customers getting away with the crimes?
Why are the Victims being punished for being victims?

The misconception that child sex slaves are "prostitutes" rather than victims. 
This attitude that is neutral or against the victims prevents the victims from being rescued, or finding a way out. The public's generalizations about sex trafficking block these victims from hope and security, in our society, it is the victim who is usually arrested rather than the Pimp and/ or customer. 
Maybe if everyone began to side with victims, more would reveal themselves at an earlier stage, without any fear of being shunned by the community.
Maybe law enforcement would take more time into investigating the customers and pimps rather than to repeatedly arrest and release these children. 
This stage of my project could possibly be the foundation of governmental change, safe center facility increase and getting the public to have no fear in reporting suspicious behavior.  

My Problem Statement

How can I change a mindset that views these victims, 
as victims rather than prostitutes? 

How can this shift in opinion create change?

My Audience: The uneducated joe who has false assumptions about the topic. 
The uninformed joe who doesn't know about the issue at all. 

as Veronica's Voice has clearly stated

"It takes an ignorant and stagnant community to see a prostitute; 
it takes an informed and educated community to see a victim; 
it takes a responsive and courageous community to make a difference!"