Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

final crit for MX 2

Critique of Michael May's website

It's really fun, and it represents your sense of humor and personality.  The ambition is clear in the website and would play into showing your work ethic and knowledge with web, looking good for you to whoever is looking to hire.  It also pulls the viewer/user in to spend more time with it, so i don't think you have to worry about the person looking at it being too crammed for time to look at this site, encouraging the person looking to hire to procrastinate.  Very fun and cool site, it reminds me of sodaplay a little bit. 

final crit for MX

Critique of Ian's website. 

Ian's website is pretty cool and of course very different. It's something that most of us have never seen before; as in the role the camera plays in this site. The actual navigation is basic, in a good way where the user would be able to fluently travel through the site.  The technology is pretty much introducing the viewers to a new mouse, or tool, which can be something the user brings to the table.  I do have a couple of questions in whether people going to the site would know what to do, but with time, more and more of these kinds of sites will pop up and the knowledge of how would spread virally (I'm sure it was the same way with every new technology introduced).  A very ambitious idea and it was executed very well.  A+.