Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 4

I used all the images of signage that I gathered, and began to sample them into small color boxes. I then took those boxes (copy pasted) and organized them onto a grid.
I was able to see through this chart that the most frequent colors are

  1. Warm Reds
  2. Warm yellows
& An accent of Teal

I spoke with Rev. David and Several other members of Troost Folks (some who are also members in the American Indian Society, KFFI, Center for Global Community, and more) and they agreed that these colors are most seen on Troost. Red and Yellow have also been used in past collateral for their events.
Teal is a color used frequently in Osage native american culture who also originate from the Troost corridor.

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