Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Degree Project: Midterm/ Blog Update 7

Your Troost News Paper

I decided that as a graphic designer, to create a visual and interactive platform for my audience to document themselves and to collaborate in this new identity process.

This is a fill in news paper with questions asking the user to draw themselves, their neighbor, and to write about themselves. The paper also encourages them to tell any story that is representative of what they would like to see in their local newspaper.

I had a couple of people from Troost Folks fill them out
lessons learned from this experience
People don't like to draw
This has turned into an actual artifact that will be one on my final deliverables (tweaked of course)

When completed, Places this artifact will be distributed would be waiting rooms along Troost.

Barber Shops
Cash Advances
Tattoo Parlors
Church Lobby's
Car Dealerships

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